About Shannon

BA_AboutPagePhoto1As you can see from the photos, I’m a mommy. You can tell a lot about me just in this photo. I care very much for my baby boys. No matter how big they get, they will be my babies. All I ever want to do is give them the best of me and the best life every child deserves. I don’t get in very many photos because I’m usually behind the camera so every photo that I have with my boys is one more they’ll have of us together. These moments are irreplaceable. I feel the same of my personal photos as I do of the photos I create for you. They are every bit as important, and I take great care to produce high quality images for you to look back on years down the road. I can’t promise you won’t cry when you look back. I do, but that’s what being a mommy does. It makes us feel so much!

I’m a Louisiana girl that has lived all over the state, but I was born and raised in Holly Ridge, a little town that you would miss if you blinked. I’m married to the love of my life, Cliff or as I like to call him Kif. We have those sweet babies in the photos, Cannon and Kellan! I’m an over explain-er because I feel like I need to repeat things in a different way just so I’m understood. This means I talk a lot! I’m a neat freak that doesn’t like my things moved. I enjoy staying at home, reading, and watching movies with my family when I’m not photographing or editing. I’m a nerd, bookworm, movie-loving neat freak, and I’m a Nikon girl! I don’t believe I can ever be swayed another way!

I’m a mostly self taught photographer (workshops, reading lots, and having great friends that have helped me along the way) with a degree in Accounting which has helped me run this business for over 8 years. My photography style depends on the setting. I love an environmental lifestyle approach when outdoors capturing sweet natural moments between you and your family. I love to include the background within your photos to show all the textures and colors of nature. If we’re in the studio, I aim to create a timeless feel to the images. Newborns wrapped up in a basket, babies lying on a rug, and Mommies cuddling their sweet newborn baby are my favorite studio photos. My goal is to always create emotional images you would love to hang on your walls.

Every photo is treated as a precious memory here. I hope I’m the photographer you’ve been looking for; thank you for considering me and viewing my work!

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